Jean-Paul-Forand eco-park is situated in the foothills east of Mt. Shefford. The 152-acre conservation area is crisscrossed with 6,3 km of walking paths. The vocation of the park is the protection of natural habitat and the observation of nature. Regular park activities include hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The western section of the park is mainly wetland swamp with two small bodies of water fed by Deschamps stream. The eastern section is dense mature forest. Several brooks flow across or along the paths and a small waterfall provides a unique setting for walkers.

Mt. Shefford has summits that reach an altitude of 500 m and is part of the Monteregian hills. This hill range consists of magmatic rock dating back 110 to 138 million years.

Responsable Municipal Councillors:

  • Christian Bérubé, directeur des Travaux publics