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The Shefford Logologo Shefford

A Reflection of Our Long History.

In 2001, the Municipalité du Canton de Shefford acquired a logo that does justice to its long history, and to its heritage.

Though very simple, this logo has an undeniably graphic impact. It successfully conveys a strong symbolic value, without ever falling into the abstract. It offers a hint of romanticism that makes the logo both appealing and representative.

At its centre, the stylized double “F” depicts two birds, to reflect the present-day nature of the municipality, as a residential area that is integrated with the natural environment and is respectful of its environmental responsibilities.

The two birds also underscore the harmonious occupancy of the area by two large communities, namely francophones and anglophones.

1792 is the year the township was first settled, setting aside any notion of it being a new suburb with no history.

Red is the shade the Loyalists used to paint their houses. It is a subtle reminder of this notable period in the history of North America. The typeface used is identical to one that was much in vogue in the late 18th century.

Our previous logo

The Canton de Shefford’s previous logo was created in 1990 when Mr. Forand was mayor of the municipality. Mr. Forand was a councillor from December 2, 1975 to November 14, 1989, and then mayor of the municipality from November 15, 1989 to November 6, 2005.

The stalk of wheat in the first lozenge represents agriculture, the cornerstone of Shefford Township‘s prosperity.

The hobo’s bundle symbolizes the discovery of the area’s tourist attractions.

As for the circle, it overlays the first letter of Canton and the first letter of Shefford.