The Municipalité du Canton de Shefford encourages your visionary and dynamic spirit. As a partner in your development and construction projects, we want to offer you the best possible service, as soon as possible. To speed up and facilitate processing of your applications, here are the different forms required to initiate your projects. For more information on permits, please contact the Urban planning and Environment Service at 450 539-2258, ext. 223.

To obtain general information on the different permits, click here. PDF

A permit is required for:

all types of construction, repair, renovation, modification or expansion of a main building (residence) or outbuilding, a septic or groundwater catchment (well) installation, any itinerant sales, occasional sales, Christmas tree sales and outdoor parties for 75 people and more (exceptions may apply).

modification or expansion of a main building permit application form  accessory building permit application form  groundwater catchment installation (well) permit application form construction permit application form septic installation permit application form renovation permit application form

A certification of authorization is required for:

demolition/moving of a structure, installation of a pool/hot tub, billboard or signage work, filling or excavation work, structures on the shores of watercourses, cutting trees, constructing a fence or a retaining wall, change/addition of use, culvert installation and ditch channelling:

fence / retaining wall certificate of authorization application form  demolition certificate of authorization application form pool / hot tub certificate of authorization application form

Burning / Open fire

You must apply for a permit for any burning (leaves, branches, etc.) The permit is free and is mainly intended to assure your safety. Several conditions can influence the issuance of a burning permit.

The Fire prevention fireman of the Township of Shefford is in charge of delivering this permit. For more details, please contact him at 450 776-3316.

Burning and fire permit

Business :

You may need to get a business permit if you are working from your home or if your place of business is in Shefford. Also, a permit is necessary for billboard or signage work.

business permit form billboard / signage work permit application form

The minor exemption

A minor exemption is an exceptional procedure established under the bylaw, whereby the council may authorize the performance of projected work or the regularization of work in progress or completed work when the work does not satisfy all the provisions of the zoning or subdivision bylaws.

minor exemption application form 

Bylaws modification:

bylaws modification form 

Comments/complaints : 

If you want to provide us with your comments on a specific subject, we invite you to fill out the form provided. We will act on your comments promptly.

comments/complaints form